PIA snaps Kabul flight operations

Monitor Desk Report Date: 16 October, 2021 | 403 Views

In view of changed dynamics and non-conducive conditions at Kabul airport for international flight operations Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has suspended its Kabul flights operations till further notice according to a PIA spokesman.
The spokesman said the decision to keep flying into Kabul even after the change in regime (takeover by the Taliban) was taken on purely humanitarian grounds, adding that on insistence of some friendly organisations the PIA was operating chartered flights to Kabul.
He said that insurance premium on these flights was so high that it was impossible to operate scheduled flights, as Kabul airport was still considered a war zone by aircraft insurance companies and lessors.
According to the spokesperson, a load of 300 persons on a single aircraft was necessary after paying hefty insurance and operational costs. As a result, he added, any requirement to cut flying capacity in half or return to August 15 levels was impossible.
“PIA at the moment would re-evaluate its options till the situation on ground improves and becomes more conducive for international operations” PIA spokesman concluded.

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