Pune airport restarts operations after 14 days

Monitor Desk Report Date: 31 October, 2021 | 312 Views

Pune airport resumed flight operations on Saturday, after a gap of 14 days. It remained shut from October 16-29 to do the runway resurfacing work. The airport greeted the passengers who arrived in the city on Saturday morning. “We’re happy to welcome you back at Pune Airport,” it said on Twitter.
The airport authorities distributed roses to the first arriving passengers as a sign of welcome.
The airport had been closed for all flight movements due to the crucial work on runway recarpeting since 14 days. "It is a major relief. I am a frequent flyer and in the last fortnight, have had to travel to Delhi two times via Mumbai. Traveling from Mumbai is tough as it increases the cost of travelling and is tiring too. I am happy that the airport has opened," Sameer Ghatge, a businessman who was travelling to Delhi told TOI.
“Some facilities have been added that the airport to ensure that flyers have it easy and are not hassled. We are hoping  high passenger traffic due to the festive season and hence have requested all flyers to report for their flights 2 to 3  hours prior,” Pune airport director Santosh Dhoke said.
“I must say it is a relief. But I really hope the authorities make the airport more passenger-friendly now. I had to travel on October 20 but had rescheduled my trip after the sudden closure happened. They should inform passengers much in advance before such closures. A friend of mine, who had an important and urgent travel lined up for October 23, had to opt for re- routing from Mumbai which was stressful, "Snidgha S, a flyer said.

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