Red Tourism rises in China

-    A Monitor Desk Report Date: 09 June, 2021 | 333 Views

Dhaka: China’s ruling party launched Red Tourism in 2004 aiming to promote places related to its history and culture. Now, as the Chinese Communist Party celebrates its 100th anniversary, it is witnessing a remarkable increase in Red Tourism in which all places of historical and cultural significance are visited.

According to reports, the sites visited on this tour have become the heart of the country's growing tourism industry. The list of places listed in the tour is long, as Ya'nan alone is home to 140 red tourism sites.

As part of the tour, some famous sites include Ya'nan, which was Mao Zedong's revolutionary base and the place where the Red Army arrived after completion of its long march. Mao's birthplace is also a destination on the tour, as in Jinggangshan, where the group first established its rural base in 1927. The site of the first battles and Mao's escape are also included in the tour.

Among the other places visited in the tour are Jhejiang's Nanhu Lake, the first congress of the party was held here in 1921 on a boat, and Shaoshan, the birthplace of Moa, the father of modern China.

These places have seen a significant increase in the number of tourist arrivals. So much so, Red Tourism has played a significant role to boost the country’s economy amid the pandemic.

China has heavily invested in this form of tourism over the years. Between 2016-2020, the investment made in this tourism stood USD 370 million. Such a huge investment yields good results.

Given that in 2018, of the people's domestic tourism spending, red sites amounted to 10 per cent and in 2019, 1.4 billion tourists visited red sites, marking an exponential growth in the area.

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