SkyUp changes uniform: high heels out, trainers in

Monitor Desk Report Date: 04 October, 2021 | 547 Views

The budget Ukrainian SkyUp Airlines has decided to replace the old uniform from November with a far more cozy alternative. The airline seeks to swap high heels for trainers to give some sort of comfort to the female flight attendants. With the proposed change in uniform, some of the old traditions in Europe's low-cost flier are being swept away. According to female staff, wearing high heels is not that comfortable to walk and provide in-flight catering and other services during a long-distance journey.
When SkyUp surveyed its crews, it turned out that its female employees were fed up with their high heels, tight blouses and pencil skirts.
"Many of my colleagues are permanent clients of podologists; their toes and toe-nails are constantly damaged by high heels," she complains. Varicose and spider veins are other frequent ailments.
"A flight attendant's work is not that romantic. It's hard," explains SkyUp head of marketing Marianna Grygorash. "We realised that our female flight attendants didn't want to be seen as "sexualised and playful'."

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