Travel ins imperative as consumer confidence soars

Monitor Desk Report Date: 15 October, 2021 | 348 Views

The government’s decision to ease restrictions on international travel has sparked a flurry of holiday bookings and boosted consumer confidence, according to new research by Just Travel Cover. It finds that holidaymakers now consider travel insurance more important than ever before.

Going on holiday is now a lot easier than it has been, after the traffic-light system was simplified and replaced with a single 'red list', as well as news that those fully vaccinated do not need to take a Covid-19 test before returning to the UK from non-red countries. It was also announced that the day-two PCR test would be replaced with a cheaper lateral flow test by November.

Research by Travel Insurance specialists Just Travel Cover found that 79pc of people feel more confident about booking a holiday since these announcements, with almost 40pc saying the easing of restrictions had 'changed their mind' about 2021 holidays, and that they are now going to book a getaway this year.

Just Travel Cover, who specialise in travel insurance for people with medical conditions and with no age limit, discovered that the increase in confidence has not just triggered bookings for winter-sun holidays, but also helped people plan ahead, with 72pc of people hoping for at least two holidays in 2022.

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