Travellers from Bangladesh can now quarantine at local hotels in Kuwait

-    A Monitor Desk Report  Date: 21 February, 2021 | 466 Views

Dhaka: Until now, passengers from Bangladesh arriving in Kuwait were having to quarantine for 14 days in a third country, Dubai, among others, prior to their arrival over coronavirus concerns. But from February 21, following new guidelines imposed by the Kuwait authorities, passengers can quarantine for 14 days at local hotels in Kuwait at their own expense.  

Kuwait’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation in a notice listed 34 countries of which travelers must undergo 14 days of quarantine but at local hotels in the country. One of them is Bangladesh while the rest are Afghanistan, Argentina, Armenia, Brazil, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China and Hong Kong, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Egypt, France, Italy, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Kosovo, Lebanon, Mexico, Moldova, Montenegro, Nepal, North Macedonia, Panama, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Spain, Syria, the United Kingdom, and Yemen.   

People arriving from other countries apart from these also must isolate at local hotels in Kuwait at their own cost but for seven days and spend another seven days at their homes.

Kuwaiti patients and students, unaccompanied under-18-year-old travellers, diplomats and medical staff are exempted from hotel isolation but are required to quarantine at home for 14 days.

All passengers must also register in its Kuwaitmosafer application in order to be allowed to board the plane, the notice added.

All arriving passengers must still follow prior guidance regarding pre-arrival testing. Arriving passengers need to obtain and travel with a negative PCR test result, administered by a health clinic within 72 hours of beginning their travel to Kuwait. Children under the age of six do not require a PCR test prior to arrival.

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