Turkish Airlines begins trial Use of digital health wallet

-A Monitor Report Date: 23 May, 2021 | 672 Views

Ankara: Turkish Airlines has begun trials of a digital health wallet app to facilitate the passenger experience amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Through the IATA Travel Pass, “Turkish Airlines passengers will be able to create a digital passport, receive test and vaccination certificates, and verify that they possess the sufficient requirements for their route, and share testing or vaccination certificates with airlines and authorities to facilitate travel,” said a statement by the carrier on May 21.

Turkish Airlines is also planning to digitize travel document checks throughout its entire flight network once infrastructure work is completed, it added.

The initiatives are intended to minimize uncertainties during the COVID-19 period and contribute to passenger satisfaction.

Founded in 1933, Turkish Airlines served 28 million passengers last year with a seat occupancy rate of 71 percent amid coronavirus-related travel restrictions and national border closures.

The carrier has a fleet of 362 - passenger and cargo - aircraft flying to 319 worldwide destinations – 269 international and 50 domestic – in 127 countries.

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