Unruly Indian passenger forces AF emergency landing in Bulgaria

-A Monitor Report Date: 07 March, 2021 | 1316 Views

Paris: Air France flight from Paris to New Delhi makes emergency landing in Bulgarian capital’s airport. Rowdy passenger is being charged with endangering flight safety. The passenger assaulted the flight attendant and pummeled on the cockpit door

An Air France flight en route from Paris to New Delhi had to be diverted to Bulgarian airport because of an unruly passenger on board.

Disruptive passenger, an Indian national, started to act erratically soon after take-off, arguing with other passengers, assaulting a flight attendant, and banging on a cockpit door, according to the official at Bulgarian National Investigation Agency.          aviation news bd

Passenger’s aggressive behavior forced the plane’s captain to request an emergency landing in the Bulgarian capital’s airport. The man, whose name was not revealed, was taken off the aircraft and has been charged with endangering flight safety. If convicted, he faces up to 10 years in prison.                                          aviation news bd

Later, the plane safely continued its journey to New Delhi, India.

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