US-Bangla Airline will start flights to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore March 1 and 9

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Dhaka: US-Bangla Airlines, one of the leading private sector airlines in the country, will start flights to Kuala Lumpur on March 1 and Singapore on March 9.

From March 1, flights for Kuala Lumpur will leave Dhaka at 8 pm (local time) and will reach Kuala Lumpur at 2 am (local time). From Kuala Lumpur, the flights will leave at 3 am (local time) and will land in Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport at 5 am (local time). The flights for Kuala Lumpur will be operated daily except for Friday and Saturday.

Apart from this, from March 9, US-Bangla Airlines will be operating to Singapore every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. The flights will leave for Singapore at 11 pm (local time) from Dhaka and will reach Singapore at 5.15 am (local time) and will return from Singapore at 6:15 am (local time) and will land in Dhaka at around 8:30 am (local time).

The minimum fare for Dhaka-Kuala Lumpur flight has been fixed at Tk 20,499 and Tk 27,999 return, inclusive of all taxes and surcharges. For Dhaka-Singapore it will be Tk 19,999 one way and Tk 31,999 has been fixed initially as return fare.

The flights will be operated with Boeing B737-800 aircraft.

On July 17, 2014, the airline started its operation with two Dash 8 Q-400 aircraft and another Dash 8 Q-400 aircraft was added to its fleet later.

Currently US-Bangla Airlines possesses three Dash 8 Q-400 aircraft and two Boeing B737-800 aircraft in its fleet. Another Boeing B737-800 aircraft will be added to its fleet within February 24, 2017. And within August 2017, the fourth Boeing B737-800 and DASH8-Q400 aircraft will be joining its fleet as well.

With larger aircrafts, US-Bangla has plans to operate in Saudia Arabia and other important destinations within the fourth quarter of this year.

Just within two and a half years of its operation, US-Bangla Airlines has already operated over 20 thousand flights successfully in domestic and international routes, which stands as a landmark in the aviation industry of Bangladesh.

Currently more than 200 flights are being operated weekly by the airline. US-Bangla Airlines is the only private airline to provide services at every airport of the country.

From February 1, 2017 the airline is operating three flights to Cox's Bazar and three flights to Jessore daily. It is operating six flights in Dhaka-Chittagong route, two flights in Dhaka-Saidpur route and one flight in Dhaka-Sylhet route daily. Three flights in Dhaka-Barisal and Dhaka-Rajshahi routes are being operated weekly.

In addition, flights are being operated in the morning, afternoon and night time in Dhaka-Chittagong-Dhaka route daily with Boeing B737-800 aircraft.

Within two years of its operation, US-Bangla Airlines has stood out as the top private airline of the country. Currently, US-Bangla Airlines carries over 50 per cent of the total passengers in the domestic sector. In recognition to this, US-Bangla Airlines achieved the title of Best Domestic Airlines for 2015 among all other air carriers in Bangladesh. US-Bangla is working hard to get the recognition as the best airlines in Asia.

With 98.7 per cent on-time performance till date, US-Bangla stands as the recognised premium airline of Bangladesh.

As part of the future plans, there will be separated help desk for the wage earners where dedicated service will be provided including filling up forms and all other supports they require.

Within two years of its operation, US-Bangla Airlines entered the international arena with Dhaka-Kathmandu route.

Flights are being operated to Muscat from Dhaka and Chittagong and to Kolkata from Dhaka daily with Boeing B737- 800 Aircraft. Flights on Dhaka-Kathmandu route is being operated three days a week.

US-Bangla possesses sophisticated equipment for ground handling. The airline holds a record in delivering the luggage within 10 minutes after landing which is a milestone in the Bangladesh aviation history.

US-Bangla Airlines has plans to operate flights in Bangkok, Guangzhou, Doha and many other destinations very soon.

And for the Business Class passengers, US-Bangla will be providing pick up and drop services from home to airport and airport to home. This service will effective from March 1, 2017.

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