Stray dogs breach security of new Islamabad airport

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s multi-layered of security at new Islamabad International Airport was breached by stray dogs wandering in the lounge on October 1.

The new airport was supposed to the most secured airport of the country in the face of threats from Jihadist and other militant groups, has deployment of Airports Security Force, Rangers and the police at the newly-inaugurated facility.

Besides, sirens are also installed in the area that starts ringing over any unusual movement. Citing experts, it was said that the entry of stray dogs inside the airport was not a management-related issue, it was breach of security.

Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority has suspended the Airport Manager Asghar Faheem Khattak of the new Islamabad international airport. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) director general has also issued orders for inquiry into the matter.

Footage obtained by DawnNewsTV shows a pack of at least five stray dogs roaming outside the airport's lounge in the basement. In a potential safety hazard, the dogs can be heard barking at passengers proceedings towards the parking with their luggage.

Officials at IAA told DawnNewsTV this was not a one-off incident; strays dogs have been spotted on the airport's premises regularly in recent weeks. They said frightened passengers have repeatedly alerted Airport Security Force (ASF) officials about the dogs' presence, but no action was taken.

That stray dogs have been able to come as close as the arrival lounge of the airport is proof of negligence on the part of security forces and the airport management, passengers said.

The management of the new China-built airport in Islamabad has been criticised earlier when passengers were met with difficulties soon after the facility became operational. Passengers had complained of a lack of porters, an absence of a help desk, poor internet connection and a dysfunctional conveyor belt, among several other issues.

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