Vibrant: One stop solution for halal products

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Dhaka: Vibrant, a brand of US-Bangla footwear is known for having 100% halal products including shoes since the very beginning. No pigskin is used for any products in any stage of production.

Countrywide Vibrant's product is developed in the advanced technology of its own factory.

Within seven months, Vibrant's showrooms were set up in the important business centers of Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet and Bogra. Vibrant’s product has been able to achieve customers' reception in the shortest possible time.

Bangladesh is one of the world's leading shoemaking countries. As per the record of 2017, Bangladesh stands fourth in the growth of shoe production. About 35 crore shoes are produced in the country of 16 crore population.

On the other hand, Bangladesh stands eighth in terms of production, having an increase in both production and growth.

However, not all shoes produced are halal. Meaning not all the skin used is from halal animals. To reduce the price and the production cost, many use pigskin.

Yet, in the huge collection of shoes in Bangladesh, Vibrant's shoes or leather goods are made from 100% halal cow skin. This is essential to be safe from any skin disease.

Keeping in mind the needs, tastes, modernity and income potential of the customers, around 800 models of shoes for men, women and children are available in the brand’s showrooms.

Vibrant is providing advanced services to the customers considering the quality and prices of the shoes. In addition to shoes, in each showroom, Vibrant has various types of leather goods, travel bags, shirts for men, t-shirts and other lifestyle products.

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