Airlines open new air routes across Vietnam allowing low cost travel through March

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Dhaka: Following Vietnamese Lunar New Year, both local and foreign airlines have opened a range of new air routes to tourist destinations across Vietnam with low-cost air tickets priced from USD6.40 (VND149,000).

A direct air route between Da Nang in Vietnam and Chiang Mai in Thailand will be officially opened as of April 12 allowing airlines to offer cheap tickets throughout March.

Air Asia is already selling tickets for the route. Each day will see one departure flight from Da Nang airport and one return flight with the total flight time lasting 1:55 hours.

Bangkok Airways has also announced an increase in the number of flights per day from Bangkok to Da Nang, using an Airbus 319.

Da Nang is proving to be an increasingly popular destination among Thai airlines. In 2017, the number of passengers from Thailand to Da Nang reached 20,000, ranking eighth among international tourists to the coastal city.

This figure tripled last year, with nearly 60,000 arriving and is expected to grow further, surpassing 100,000 this year.

Meanwhile, Bamboo Airways is set to begin operating domestic air routes connecting Vinh city to Hanoi, Buon Ma Thuot, Da Lat, and HCM City from February 23 with each flight having a flight time of between 1.5 and 2 hours.

Specifically, there will be one flight per day from Vinh to Hanoi, Buon Ma Thuot, and HCM City while there will be four flights per week on the Vinh to Da Lat route.

To mark the opening of the new air routes, Bamboo Airways unveiled that it will continue to sell low-cost tickets priced from USD6.40 (VND149,000) excluding taxes and additional fees.

The budget carrier Jetstar Pacific announced it will continue operating the Da Lat to Hue air route until March 29 with tickets priced from USD 20.20 (VND470,000) for the departing flight and USD 34.81 (VND 810,000) for the return flight, excluding taxes and additional fees.

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