Jet Airways flight skids off runway at Goa

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Goa: A Jet Airways flight with 161 people onboard, including the flight crew, skidded off the runway while attempting to take off from Goa airport in India on Tuesday, December 27 December, morning. 15 passengers were injured on board, who were bound for Mumbai.

The Jet Airways flight 9W 2374 was attempting to take off from the Dabolim airport in Goa, when the aircraft skided off the runway and created panic among the passengers at around5 am

local time.

The passengers were later evacuated from the flight and the injured were being given first aid at the scene.

Jet Airways later issued a formal statement that said all guests and crew have been safely evacuated and few guests have sustained injuries during the evacuation process.

According to an eyewitness, as the airport crew started to evacuate the jet, it suddenly tilted forward, which made the passengers to panic even more.

Officials from the Navy later informed that 15 of the passengers had to endure fractures and minor injuries due to the incident.

The reason behind the accident could not be known yet. Thus, the airport decided to close the airport till12:30 pm

local time so that the Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau (AAIB) could investigate the scene.

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