SIA plans to introduce 'dine on demand' in Business Class

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Dhaka: Singapore Airlines is considering to bring a ‘dine on demand’ meal service in Business Class and trials are anticipated to be held in the first half of 2020.

The opportunity to select anything off the menu at any time during the flight would be offered alongside the airline’s popular Book The Cook service, which lets passengers pre-order their meal from a more extensive menu offered in-flight.

“Singapore Airlines is always looking to evolve the meal service in-flight, whether it be a flexible dining approach or a (full) dine on demand approach and passengers are telling us that this maybe is something that we should be working towards,” said Antony McNeil, Director of F&B, Singapore Airlines.

However, the carrier must “hit all the right spots first”. This includes making sure that the cabin crew – tasked with delivering the ‘dine on demand’ concept – are confident to support the increased activity without reducing their high level of passenger service.

Relatively few airlines offer ‘dine on demand’ in Business Class, with Qatar Airways considered the benchmark for combining the “eat what you want, when you want” approach with an extensive à la carte menu.

Business passengers generally prefer this more flexible approach to dining, as eating to their own schedule rather than an airline’s. Decreed timetable opens up the ability to tailor more of the journey to their own needs rather than fitting their sleeping, working and relaxation time around the meal service.

McNeil also flagged that a refresh of the Book The Cook service, which Singapore Airlines launched in 1998, could see the iconic lobster thermidor make way for a ‘modernised’ version in line with changing tastes.

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