Colourful Pohela Boishakh at Radisson Blu Dhaka

A Monitor Desk Report 27 Mar, 2017 | 3864 Views|-+
Dhaka: On this April 14, Boishakhi colors will adorn Radisson Blu Dhaka Water Garden where the hotel will celebrate the joyous occasion of Pohela Boishakh!!

The hotel will be a backdrop of glimmering lights, illuminated drapes and handmade crafts and pottery for three days running from the April 13 to April 15.

This year there spectacular treats for everybody! Highlights included are a lavish deshi lunch/dinner buffet spread with a wide array of dishes comprising Pan-fried Hilsha Fish, Pabda Machher Kofta Curry, Potoler Dolma, and assorted bhortas followed by desserts like Patishapta Pitha, Roshomalai, Batasha and green coconut flesh, band performance of melodious traditional numbers, face painting, cotton candy station, fuchkas, chotpoti and pithas.

The essence of the day will be reflected amongst hotel staffs as well, who will be dressed in an exotic fashion of red saris and punjabis, a stark contrast to the usual dapper suits.

Pohela Boishakh is a time to celebrate special moments with your friends and family, so to make the Pohela Boishakh a memory to cherish, so be at Radisson Blu Dhaka on that festive day.

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