153 trapped adventure travellers rescued from broken cable cars in Italy

- A Monitor Desk Report 27 Dec, 2016 | 2090 Views|-+
Dhaka: Alpine emergency officials had to rescue 153 trapped people from broken down swinging cable cars inside a ski resort in northern Italy after they stayed hanging in mid air for seven long hours on December 24.

The dysfunctional ski lift broke down around2 pm

local time with 153 holidaymakers, almost 180 feet above the ground for seven hours in icy cold weather.

The holidaymakers were there to celebrate Christmas Eve by skiing on the Cervinia mountain in northern Italy’s Aosta Valley. According to the Alpine rescue team, the cable cars in the resort near French border probably broke down as the wires got tangled due to strong winds. The rescue officials had to climb up the pylons to reach the 25 cable cars through the hatches on top of the cars.

During the rescue operation, the cars were seen to swaying in a fearful manner. The rescuers had to bring the stranded holiday maker down one-at-a-time due to strong wind and rough weather.

But, none of the skiers received any frost bite. The head of the rescue team, Adriano Favre informed that because of the wind and the cold, they needed to get the skiers out, and they got trained to do this.

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