Emirates airline lays off employees following coronavirus crisis

- A Monitor Desk Report 02 Jun, 2020 | 724 Views|-+
Dhaka: Dubai-based carrier Emirates has reportedly slashed jobs of some flight attendants and pilots as it deals with the COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent downturn in global travel.

According to reports from May 31, Emirates laid off trainee pilots and cabin crew employees.

In a statement, the airline confirmed the cuts but did not specify how many jobs were lost. Emirates said it is working to lose as few employees as possible.

“We do not view this lightly, and the company is doing everything possible to protect the workforce wherever we can,” the airline said in the statement.

Last month, reports suggested that the airline was considering cutting 30,000 jobs.

Emirates has experienced losses during the pandemic just as other Middle Eastern airlines have. In March, nearly all of its flights stopped during the virus-related shutdown in the United Arab Emirates.

In late May, Emirates resumed passenger flights to some North American, European and Australian destinations.

Emirates has implemented rapid coronavirus testing on its flights from the Abu Dhabi hub, allowing departing passengers to see results within minutes.

The carrier is working to drum up business now that its flights have resumed. The airline introduced a programme last month in which customers can earn miles by shopping in the United Arab Emirates.

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