Drunk pilot fired for trying to fly a jet in Indonesia

-A Monitor Desk Report 01 Jan, 2017 | 4068 Views|-+
Dhaka:, ‘Citilink’- The budget airline of Indonesia, has fired a pilot after he showed up in a drunken state to fly a jet on December 28. The authorities also informed that two other senior executives of the airline also decided to resign from their post due to the incident. The budget carrier Citilink is Garuda Indonesia’s subsidiary.

On December 30, President of the airline Albert Burhan informed that he, along with the Production Director, was resigning after the incident.

As the passengers of the jet suspected the pilot to be drunk or under the influence of drugs, due to his unclear announcement and slurry words, they decided to ask the authorities to replace the pilot. Some of the passengers also decided to leave the flight.

Just an hour behind the scheduled time, the airline assigned another pilot to fly the A320 jet with 154 passengers onboard but numerous passengers decided not to fly with the airline after the incident on December 28.

The flight was destined for Jakarta from the airport in Surabaya.

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