Maldivian adds one more weekly flight to Dhaka

- A Monitor Report 01 Jan, 2018
Male' : Maldivian, the National Carrier of Republic of Maldives, owned and operated by Island Aviation Ser-vices Limited (IAS) will commence an additional frequency to Dhaka and Chennai early this year.

Currently the flag carrier of Maldives operates three flights from Male to Chennai and Dhaka on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The additional frequency will be on every Thursday, making the operations four times a week.

A convenient air link is crucial to develop the tourist market. Thus, Maldivian will cater to the medical tourism and business segment from Male to Chennai and Dhaka. The main aim of the airline is for customers to be able to have a "Maldivian Experience" thousands of feet in the sky.

Maldivian has been providing air transportation between Velena International airport in the Maldives and the domestic airports in the country increasing frequencies to cater for the domestic demand every year and in turn increasing its fleet.

In 2008, Maldivian expanded its operations beyond Maldives to Trivandrum, India and since the addition of its Airbuses into its fleet; Maldivian has added Dhaka and Chennai.

Maldivian began operations to Dhaka in 2012 with their full service airline, A320 with a configuration of 14 Business Class seats and 138 Economy Class seats. Since then the airline has acquired another A321 with a configuration of six Business Class seats and 194 Economy Class seats.