Radisson Blu Dhaka Water Garden offers a number of wellness packages

- A Monitor Report 01 Jan, 2018
A serene atmosphere greets you as you enter the wellness area of Radisson Blu Dhaka Water Garden
Dhaka : Radisson Blu Dhaka Water Garden has been offering wellness packages for some time and the hotel authorities are optimistic their spa offers would pick up soon.

The people here seem to be a bit shy. They need to be educated and informed, said Christoph Voegeli, General Manager, Radisson Blu Dhaka Water Garden.

Explaining the procedure, he said when a guest arrives for a six-hour package, s/he is explained the whole process.

After having healthy tea and snacks, they are taken to the treatment room. Following about one and a half hour's therapy by the therapist, they are offered food at Sublime which is totally raw, but good to taste and healthy for the body. The hotel's Chef Jed Archdeacon developed the cuisine from his experience over the years.

The guests are then taken for another session of therapy and after a round of tea and snacks, they are totally refreshed to head home.

For their busy clientele the hotel has developed one and a half hour and three-hour packages, too.

For those with still more time there is an overnight package where the guests are offered facial and foot massage along with spa massage, spa special dinner, special rooms to stay for the night as well as healthy breakfast the following morning.

When Voegeli took us on a tour of the spa and 10 treatment rooms, on entry, we found the atmosphere serene and welcoming. There were raised and lowered beds in the treatment rooms, as are necessary for the therapies.

The spa offers Holistic massage, Swedish massage, Thai massage, as well as hot stone and compress massages.

There is also a saloon, if you want to give extra care to your hair.

So, why not make an appointment, go to spa at Radisson and come out relaxed, with the packages and treatments they are ready to offer.