Men's winter, party collection at Cats Eye

- A Monitor Report 01 Jan, 2018
A model wearing three dresses from the Winter and Party Collection of Cat’s Eye
Dhaka : During the rest of the year, all need to stick to some specific wear due to the warm weather. We can only choose from so little. We don't have the freedom to wear whatever we like. There are always some unfortunate limitations.

However, it's that time of the year again when cold conditions demand some warm fashion. For this particular reason, many love winter, from fashion icons to mass.

Winter fashion brings your imagination to life. You get the opportunity to layer as you wish. You get to dress the way you want to be addressed.

There is no 'No' to anything. Therefore, let's embrace this winter with some eye-catching and body pleasing fashion our very own fashion houses bring.

Cats Eye, one of the leading fashion houses of our country, brings another dazzling collection of men's and women's wear for this winter.

Let's start with a common yet timeless piece for men - leather jackets. There are many variations brought this time in leather jackets in terms of designs and patterns. They are available in common colours such as ash and black, of course.

Besides leather, they have other jackets as well in khaki, ash, cream etc. All the jackets roughly range from Tk 4600 to Tk 4800.

Now, Cats Eye also brings an amazing collection of vests too. They have different variations for wedding, formal and casual occasions. There are also variations in neckline. Moreover, there are different colours to choose from - blue, navy, violet, olive etc. The prices range from Tk 2110 to Tk 2680.

To make a statement in weddings, they have also brought marvelous prince coats. They come in various colours - black, blue, chocolate etc. The price is around Tk 5760.

Cats Eye also brings colourful and preppy sweaters to own the casual style. Furthermore, they have other variations to rock the formal look as well.

Nonetheless, this iconic brand brings a wonderful collection of suits and blazers to don both formal and casual look. The blazers are available in various colours - deep blue, off white, sky blue, deep grey, cream etc. These are around Tk 6721.

Sadiq Quddus, Director and Designer, Cats Eye said, "This time, new variations are brought in patterns - neckline, hemline and overall plate. They are definitely bound to make a style statement worth remembering this winter."

The trend of winter in men's fashion has made the Cats Eye more festive and evening party friendly. Some palettes, patterns and hemlines have changed the costume to the Gorges. Contemporary men's fashion are: Minimalist base vest, brocade's piezle vest, prince coat and formal suiting have received diversity. Now the neckline, fabric colour and texture are different.