Archeology Dept evaluating Porir Pahar as 'Archaeological Landmark'

_A Monitor Report Date: 01 October, 2021

Dhaka : The historic "Porir Pahar" at Chattogram will be evaluated by the Archeology Department for considering it as a preserved archaeological landmark.
AKM Saifur Rahman, Chattogram Regional Director, Department of Archeology, said, according to reports, about this latest development on September 22. 
He noted that a three-member committee has been formed to ascertain this prospect for Porir Pahar. The committee surveyed Porir Pahar on September 25 and provide their judgement after the field inspections.
From the Department of Archeology, Deputy Director Mohammad Amiruzzaman was named convener of the committee and Assistant Architect Khondokar Mahfuz Alam was named the member secretary. The Regional Director AKM Saifur Rahman is also part of the committee as a member.
Porir Pahar, also known as Fairy Hill, has a long history. About 127 years ago, the British moved their administrative offices to Porir Pahar at the heart of Chattogram city.
During 1894-95, the Chattogram court building was constructed there following the model of the Writers' Building in Kolkata; which now also houses the district commissioner's and the divisional commissioner's offices.
In the last 50 years, major governmental offices such as the new court building, the chief judicial magistrate's building, and five new buildings for lawyers have been constructed on Porir Pahar.
Recently, due to the rising demand for chambers for lawyers, the lawyers' association were planning to construct two new buildings beside the main lawyers' building and Shapla Bhaban.
However, the district administration opposed it. They declared the existing non-governmental buildings on Porir Pahar risky and illegal and published cautionary notices on social media on August 2.
The district administration has also ordered the removal of almost 350 illegal constructions on Porir Pahar.

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