Bahrain lifts ban on travel from Bangladesh

_A Monitor Report Date: 16 October, 2021 | 342 Views

Dhaka : Bahrain has removed Bangladesh from its travel red list, lifting the entry ban on travellers from the South Asian country. 
Bangladeshi Ambassador to Bahrain Md Nazrul Islam said on October 8 that Bangladeshis will be able to travel to the country from October 10.
"Thanks to the Corona Task Force team of the Kingdom of Bahrain for removing Bangladesh from the red list countries starting from October 10, 2021," he said.
Bahrain's Civil Aviation Authority on October 7 removed 11 countries, including Bangladesh, Myanmar and Indonesia from its travel red list. They also added Romania to the list.
Migrant workers who were unable to return due to the travel ban, can go back to Bahrain October 10.
Earlier, on September 17, the United Kingdom too removed Bangladesh from the travel red list.

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