Bhutan reduces fees for Bangladeshi tourists

- A Monitor Report Date: 16 June, 2024

Dhaka: Bhutan's Tourism Department notified Bangladesh's Ministry of Foreign Affairs that it has revised its visa policy for Bangladeshi tourists effective from June 2, 2024.

Under the new policy, 15000 Bangladeshi tourists can travel to Bhutan annually with the reduced fees of USD 15 fromo the earlier USD 100 fee per night.

Previously, in June 2022, Bhutan raised the Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) from USD 65 to USD 200 per person per night, which got revised to USD 100 per person per night from June 2023.

Bangladesh and Bhutan enjoy special relations and the relationship has been further consolidated under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in recent years, said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs while disseminating the Bhutanese decision to the media.   

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