Holiday Inn only hotel with jacuzzi in each suite : Director of Ops

-A Monitor Report Date: 16 September, 2023
Shahidus Sadeque Talukder, Director of Operations, Holiday Inn

Dhaka : Holiday Inn Dhaka City Centre, the newest star hotel in the capital, is turning heads with its unique features and offerings. With an inventory of 187 rooms, the hotel offers private jacuzzi-a popular and fun attraction for both couples and families-in each of its 22 suites. 

Shahidus Sadeque Talukder, Director of Operations, Holiday Inn Dhaka City Centre said this while talking to The Bangladesh Monitor recently.

In the first seven months of its second year of operations, Holiday Inn Dhaka City Centre already surpassed the revenue record of last year.

"As a new hotel, we are currently having a decent occupancy of 47 per cent, without any airline crew even," said Sadeque.

He informed, "50 per cent of the guest mix at Holiday Inn comes from OTAs, 10-15 per cent from the domestic segment and the rest are corporates."

Since Holiday Inn Dhaka City Centre is a globally renowned affordable mid-range brand with excellent service and facilities, it is perfect for a market like Bangladesh. That is why, the brand has been garnering a good response from the locals and international travellers alike, explained Sadeque.  

The hotel's F&B business is also enjoying year-on-year growth across its three restaurant outlets.

Holiday Inn's all-day dining restaurant Attitude, open from 6 am till 11 pm, with a capacity of 100 people, offers multi-cuisine buffet breakfast and dinner.

"After monsoon, we will be launching buffet brunch too, with complimentary access to the swimming pool and a kids playing zone," mentioned Sadeque.

He also informed, the hotel's one-of-a-kind swimming pool is located on a rooftop 20-21 floors above ground, making it the highest outdoor swimming pool in the city.

Tapping its potential, in this winter, Holiday Inn will be organising BBQ nights with live music on its rooftop by the pool, added the Director of Operations.

Additionally, the hotel features two more F&B outlets-a café by the name White Lotus and a specialty restaurant named Hilsha. The latter is currently serving Mediterranean and Indian food to guests, moreover, during Hilsha season, special Hilsha only dishes will be introduced at the outlet as well. 

Apart from these, Holiday Inn Dhaka City Centre has three meeting venues, perfect                     for meetings, incentives,  conferences or banquet events.

Two of these venues can accommodate 40 people each while the other one has twice the capacity.

Moreover, the hotel will soon be opening three more venues, with 100 people each, as it is constructing a new building in the premise dedicated for MICE only, expressed Sadeque. 

Asked about what the hotel anticipates from the market in the coming days, Sadeque mentioned, a boom is on its way for the hospitality industry of the capital.

However, the number of international travellers to the country can be further increased with some crucial initiatives, said Sadeque.

Sadeque suggested, it is high time the country started hosting international MICE events to bring more international travellers.

Meanwhile, efforts are underway at Holiday Inn Dhaka to raise awareness of the hotel among locals since that is also a predominant market in the capital.

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