Philippine’s natural wonders beckon tourists

_Ariana Karganilla Anisuzzaman Date: 16 September, 2022

Manila : Sunshine, sand and smiles are what come to mind when I first think of the Philippines. The beautiful paradise of 7640 islands is, well, beautiful! Classed under three main geographical divisions; Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, each island is like a facet of a gemstone, reflecting off the light from the bright smiles of its inhabitants. 
It is of no surprise that, given the courageous and caring personalities of the Filipinos, the Philippines have become the world's biggest source of nurses. Their comforting and confident aura gives patients a sense of safety and stability alongside their admirable work ethic and skill, cause them to be highly in demand. If you too are pulled in by this radiating aura of the Philippines, you would experience the time of your life here! 
Aside from nurses, other exports of the Philippines include pearls (Fun fact: the world's largest pearl was discovered by filipino divers in the Philippines' Palawan Sea) and delicious fruits like mangosteen, papaya as well as the sweetest mango in the world the Carabao Mango. As you can see, on the business aspect, the Philippines is thriving and is a good ground for entrepreneurs in industries like garments,restaurants etc. 
It has great investment opportunities especially recovering from the pandemic, the Philippines is back on track to becoming an upper middle-income country with a gross national income of USD 3,430 per capita in a very short time. 
Apart from the obvious attraction of top notch medical care and medical education, tourists also flock here for the beaches and the mouthwatering food. I am always craving for some halo halo and cascaron 24/7. 
If you ever do stop by to say hello to us, (and please do! After the lockdown was lifted, visa restrictions were waived. Now you can apply for a visa, as a tourist, for business, training, seminar etc directly or through an agent. Pinoy Travels is an authorised visa agent accredited by the Philippine Embassy who would be happy to help.) 
I recommend checking out these three tourist attractions each different in its way, for the Philippines houses an infinite number of different, vibrant personalities, one type could not possibly be able to sate all! 
These are situated in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, the Pearl of the Orient. "Intramuros", (the literal translation is "The Walled City"). The history of the Philippines could not have been more perfectly kept alive than in this city where the houses still have windows of seashell, forts still stand tall and guarded, and horses pulling calessas still clip-clop down the cobblestoned roads. 
Another is "Art in Island", a 3D interactive art gallery, that allows users not only to touch and feel the exhibits, but to also enjoy creative photography (a selfie museum! Where one can pose and take interesting pictures for social media sites etc instead of just standing in front of the piece as here in Art in Island, you are allowed to touch the art). 
The third place I would like to mention is "Manila Ocean Park". My fun-loving friends, this is for you! Manila Ocean Park is one of the most famous massive theme parks. As you know, the Philippines is an archipelago. It is surrounded by water, and its islands connected by water, in the same way all Filipinos are connected to each other. Learning about marine life while simultaneously having the best time of your life? Sign me up!
Mind you, this is just an appetiser, there are just too many fun places in the Philippines like Boracay which won Best Beach in the World, Masjid Sheikh Makhdum the oldest mosque in Southeast Asia, La Union the surfing capital of the Philippines. If I were to list them all, the list would stretch across the Mall of Asia.
With colours we paint, in colour we dream. The white of medical care and education, red of art and culture, blue of oceans and resilience, yellow of sunny personalities,of fun and happy times. This is my picture of the Philippines. Would you like to paint yours?

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