ShareTrip continually launches innovative features to simplify travel : CEO

-A Monitor Report Date: 16 September, 2023
Sadia Haque, Co-founder and CEO, ShareTrip

Dhaka : ShareTrip, established in 2019, has been a driving force in the country's travel industry by introducing revolutionary innovations to simplify travel. The travel technology company is committed to making travel accessible and enjoyable by continually launching innovative features.

Sadia Haque, Co-founder and CEO of ShareTrip, said this recently in an interview with The Bangladesh Monitor.

"With a sleek user-friendly app and a website, ShareTrip has become a favourite among travellers across the nation. The platform is poised to elevate the country's travel sector to new heights," she added.

"In the dynamic landscape of the modern travel industry, ShareTrip has emerged as a force of innovation and convenience."

ShareTrip's CEO mentioned, the company has been in efforts to revolutionise the travel industry since its inception in 2019.

Shedding some light on how the company's commitment to innovation has shaped its trajectory, she said, "At ShareTrip, innovation is in our DNA. We have focused on simplifying the complex nature of travel planning with just a few taps, making it accessible and enjoyable for everyone."

She further added, their dedication to innovation is driven by their belief that travel should be an exciting and seamless experience from start to finish.

ShareTrip offers a range of services to ease the challenges travellers face during travel planning.

"Travel planning can be overwhelming with visa applications, flight or hotel bookings, and more. ShareTrip aims to simplify these aspects."

"Our platform offers a range of services, from hassle-free visa applications to seamless hotel and flight bookings, as well as customised holiday packages. We are dedicated to ensuring that travel becomes a joyful journey rather than a daunting task," the CEO claimed. 

ShareTrip is witnessing unprecedented growth with over half a million app downloads and two million customers.

Mentioning the factors that attribute to this rapid growth, Sadia Haque informed, "Our growth can be attributed to our unwavering focus on user satisfaction. We invest in the latest technology to ensure smooth booking experiences."

Also, the strategic collaborations with industry leaders have enabled ShareTrip to create a comprehensive platform covering all travel aspects.

Officials of ShareTrip seen working with dedication to ensure quality service at its head office in the capital

"We also stay ahead of trends by introducing features that enhance the travel journey," said Sadia Haque, adding, "Our commitment to innovation and creating lasting memories sets us apart."

ShareTrip is becoming more and more popular among travellers for its customer-centric approach. This is due to the environment of innovation and excellence ShareTrip fosters in its operations, claimed Sadia. 

"At ShareTrip, we encourage a culture of creative thinking and pushing boundaries. Our users are at the heart of everything we do. Their needs and preferences drive our decisions."

"Our goal is to provide value beyond expectations, delivering service excellence that meets their requirements," noted Sadia, adding that this customer-centric approach is ShareTrip's driving force for innovation and distinction in the travel tech industry.

It may be mentioned here, ShareTrip has been making efforts to offer customers more than just travel solutions, engaging users beyond just travel planning.

Apart from travel solutions, ShareTrip's customers can now avail lifestyle services from its app too, making the platform a one-stop solution for a range of activities.  

Mentioning how ShareTrip keeps users engaged throughout the year, Sadia Haque, explained, "Till now, travel apps were not frequently used for daily utilities. To change this, we have introduced features like "Spin to Win," where users can receive daily rewards."

"We have also implemented loyalty programmes like TripCoins that can be used within the app."

"Recently, we added "Travel Trivia" to make the app more engaging and rewarding for our users," she mentioned.

ShareTrip's efforts of contributing to the country's travel growth does not end there. The company also works to attract international travellers and promote inbound tourism.

"Recognising the allure of our country, we have highlighted its attractions while focusing on modern traveller needs," informed Sadia. 

"Our extensive range of domestic accommodations, the largest in Bangladesh, enables seamless bookings."

"We are also developing comprehensive travel resources, offering insights and recommendations for inbound tourists."

ShareTrip's online presence ensures that Bangladesh is just a few clicks away from international visitors, she claimed.

"Considering all these initiatives, ShareTrip is much more than a travel platform-it is a catalyst for innovation, convenience, and exceptional travel experiences," concluded Sadia Haque. 

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