Prominent Heritage: Chhoto Sona Mosque

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Rajshahi : Rajshahi division, the 'Silk City', is known for its golden heritage as it has ruled by various Rajas, Maharajas and Zamindars.

In addition, Rajshahi, the northern part of the country’ prominent heritages of Rajshahi is the 'Chhoto Sona Mosque' which translates in English as the "Small Golden Mosque".

The Chhoto Sona' Mosque is located in Chapai Nawabganj district of Bangladesh. The approximate distance is 3 and a half kilometres from a place called Kotwali Gate and Mughal Tahkhana respectively in Firozpur Quarter.

The mosque was built during the reign of Sultan Hussain Shah in between 1493 and 1519. The 15 domes of the mosque were once gilded. The mosque bears much ornamentation consisting of mosaic roundels in blue and white colors of variegated design. Stone carving, brick-setting, terracotta, mihrab, gilding and glazed tiles were used for decorating the building. The patterns were inspired from the chain-and-bell of the Buddha and Jaina period.

This particular part of the country is a haven for those who love history, architecture, heritage and archaeology. A quick plan to visit this 'Silk City' won't be a bad idea to take a break from this monotonous life.

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