Myanmar unveils new tourism branding

- A Monitor Report 1 Oct, 2018 | 178 Views | - +
Yangon : After five years, Myanmar has replaced its "Let the Journey Begin" tourism branding with "Be Enchanted."

The new brand was developed on the basis of the current awareness of Myanmar as a tourist destination and a comparison with a range of other destinations.

A survey was conducted in the month of April 2018 at Yangon International Airport Departures and the survey found that the tagline "Be Enchanted" reflects the good experience they had with Myanmar people - the kindness and warm welcome, and evokes the image of Myanmar they had in mind- special, magical/mysterious.

The logo font "Myanmar" is based on the shapes and identification of the Myanmar alphabet, the rounded characters make it a very distinct and instantly recognisable logo.

The new brand will be used officially in Myanmar's marketing activities such as travel shows, tourism road shows and any digital marketing related to tourism promotional activities/events start from the launching date.

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