Philippines are a new destination for business, medical tourism

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Manila : The Philippines is a beautiful country, where every race, every origin and every aspect of life joins together to form the vibrant rainbow that is the Philippines. It has more than about 7000 islands each with its own legend, culture, and story.

Manila is the capital of the Philippines and the shopping paradise of South East Asia. A perfect blend of culture, economy and politics. It is famous for many sites and towns such as Makati, China town, Intramuros, etc. On the other hand the city of Intramuros meaning 'within the walls' has also been declared a UNESCO world heritage site. Intramuros has magnificent walls stretching up to 4.5 km built all round the city to defend it since colonial times. A pentagonal city of approximately 64 hectares, it served as the political cultural, educational, religious and commercial centre of Spain's empire in the east in those times.

Philippines is known as a shopping paradise in the world. Shopping centres are in Manila also built in every provincial capital but Manila charges forth with a new image such as The Mall of Asia, the Venice city malls and SM Makati, Glorietta, Green belt are in a row.

Medical tourism in the Philippines is rather famous. Filipino doctors and nurses are well-known, all over the world for their expertise and customer friendly services. Makati Medicals, St. Luke's Asian Hospital and medical centre are some of the few examples of the most active in the Asian-Pacific region.

The Philippines is the land of diversified delicacy. Filipino foods have a worldwide reputation for its flavours. Millions of food outlet is spread out all over the Philippines. Most of the food climbs up to the world class cuisine. The greatest delight “Adobo" which involves stewing meat with vinegar, Pancit (Rice noodles) or Vivinca, a sweet desert rice cake has been a staple food in most Filipino home where they love to eat, love to cook for others. Even on minor occasions they love to gather and enjoy each other's company.

Natural beauty makes Philippines a perfect tourist destination. Lots of festivals make a chain calendar over the year. Ati-Atihan, Musk festival, Baguio flower festival are some popular events.

Manila is not the only tourist attraction, beside Manila just 35 Kilo away in Tagaytay city where stands the Tall Volcano. A winter breeze can be felt even on a hot summer day here. Hundred island, Chocolate hill, Baguio Mountain (summer capital), Vigan (world heritage site), or Davao (fruit capital of Philippines) also attracts many tourist from around the world.

World class top beaches dot the Philippines coastline. Boracay the white sandy beach, the most popular in the country. Nightly festive events make the tourists feel real taste. El-Nido, Palawan, Pagud-Pud, Mactan Island, Cebu are few of them but Puerto Princesa, Galera, Oriental Mindoro highly organized. Night life affairs day adventures for visitors.

Bangladeshis are not apart from Philippine business market. Philippines are a perfect place for Bangladeshis businessman. Baclaran, Pasy or Totoban are already name of Bangladeshi garments traders. Medicine is exported to Philippine's growing medical market. Tea, jute products, spices, ceramic items are in great demand.

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