iSAY world's first Islamic sign language app

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London : Amin & Yasmin is launching the world's first mobile app at the 2nd National Quran Memorisation Competition_ to help both the deaf and inclusive community learn Islam through an adventure of sign language.

The 'iSAY' App is a fun interactive learning experience for those who want to gain an understanding of British Sign Language (BSL) with an Islamic centred focus, reaching over 30 different countries.

The app has numerous exciting features and primarily allows users to explore and learn sign language in general. With the very unique addition of signs from the Islamic faith, it incorporates different learning styles, thus the vibrant content has been provided in: text, picture graphics, 2D animation and HD video format.

It offers an introduction to sign language in a child-friendly setting that provides a means for an alternative way of communication. It is an excellent tool to nurture empathy, acceptance and compassion in children at a young age.

In addition there are essential conversational signs, deaf awareness infograms and communication tips, plus a unique collection of 'daily duas' (supplications) and 'Hadith' (sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in BSL. It also features a diverse range of international sign language content from across the globe.

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