B&H launches next-gen online portal

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Dhaka : Aerospace logistics provider B&H Worldwide has launched FirstTrac, the new web-based successor to its OnTrack customer service system.

According to B&H, FirstTrac comes with new AOG and critical monitors for customers and will also be used by its global control tower teams to provide enhanced visibility of shipments. New architecture programme interfaces enable communication with external sources such as customer and supplier systems.

FirstTrac was designed by InTech, B&H's in-house IT development division, with a dedicated team of IT experts over an 18-month programme of work to create an integrated customer solution.

"Keeping ourselves and our customers at the cutting edge of IT development in this industry is a vital part of our success story," said Seth Profit, Managing Director, B&H InTech.

"The new and rigorously tested FirstTrac system is the latest step in that process and we believe the enhancements and added service benefits will ensure we maintain our market-leading position," he added.

FirstTrac is fully interactive and can also be used on mobile devices, according to B&H.

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