THAI resumes normal flights to Karachi

_A Monitor Report16 Apr, 2019 | 493 Views|-+
Bangkok : Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI) has resumed operating normal flights to Karachi, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, via Oman airspace.

Sumeth Damron-gchaitham, President, THAI, said in reference to the sudden closure of Pakistani airspace on February 27, 2019 whereby the Company had to cancel flights, presently Pakistani airspace has resumed partial operations but with limitations to flight routes into each destination. Therefore, THAI's roundtrip flights from Bangkok-Lahore and Bangkok-Islamabad remain cancelled. THAI is only operating roundtrip flights to Bangkok-Karachi with flights operated through Oman airspace into Karachi.

THAI will transport passengers to Karachi, Islamic Republic of Pakistan by operating regularly scheduled flights and special flights.

THAI is closely monitoring the situation and passengers traveling on this route are advised to keep abreast of all related news and check the flight schedule on or call the THAI Contact Centre.

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