New Shalban Buddha Bihar, latest sanctuary in Comilla

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Comilla's Maynamati is world renowned for its Bihars. Everyone knows about Shalban Bihar and the legacy it holds. Interestingly, there is said to be 57 Bihars at Maynamati and its nearby areas alone. Among which, 23 were universities or research centres. Some are under excavation and the rest are yet to be discovered. And to add to the peace sanctuaries bring, another majestic new shrine stands tall shining light to all there is around, just beside the famous Shalban Bihar at Maynamati and its called New Shalban Buddha Bihar.

The two storied temple is magnificently designed. The outside consists of two colours - golden and white. And they both form a combination of ecstatic beauty adorned with intricate designs and alluring statues.

At the entrance, there are two large golden snake statues looking like warriors, always prepared to defend the temple. And the architects have utilised them perfectly as railings for the huge stairway that leads to a tall and sublime golden statue of the Buddha.

From far, one can see the radiant monument standing outside open space on the first floor of the magnificent temple. During daytime the sun peaks from behind his shoulders. One hand of his, is raised to bless all that comes forth.

Just behind the statue is the destination that everyone intends to reach when they make the holy journey, the place of sanctuary and peace - the shrine. There reside three statues, too divine to compare their beauty. There sheer presence brings wholesomeness to everyone who steps in. Immediately, one can taste the essence of holiness in the air as if he/she is in presence of a divine entity.

Awe-inspiringly, the architecture of the temple's inside plays a great role here. The shrine is designed in a particular way to do justice to its holiness. The details, adornments, statues and colours - they all speak of the very feeling a visitor desires to have once he/she comes knocking on the divine's door.

The golden Buddha statues in the shrine are embellished with gold, jewels and diamonds, sparkling in the eyes of the beholder. The colours make up a perfect combination of golden and red and along with the lighting, they make it look exactly like a safe haven where visitors feel free and relax to worship to their utmost needs.

This new elevated divine place is made with the donation of people of Thailand. Phrathep Mongolyan (LaungPho Suan Analayo) and Sripong-pao Family from Bangkok, Thailand are two names mentioned at the temple, who have donated to construct this splendid holy place.

Beside the temple there is a monastery. There is also a guest house for visitors or tourists to rest. There is no fee or charge for using the guest house; one can simply make a donation in return.

It is truly a beautiful place for tourists to visit. Many foreign tourists come every year and witness the striking grace of the temple. For local tourists, there is an entry fee of BDT20 and BDT100 for foreign tourists. If anyone wishes to bring cameras, there is a fee of BDT100 for video cameras and BDT50 for DSLRs.

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