NHTTI celebrates International Chef Day with culinary contest

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Dhaka : National Hotel and Tourism Training Institute organised a culinary contest on October 19 at the institute's premises to celebrate International Chef Day.

The trainees of Professional Chef Course and Diploma in Culinary Arts and Catering Management participated in the contest by displaying various dishes prepared by them. The event also included live cooking sessions presented for the invitees and key figures of culinary arts.

Kazi Wahidul Alam, Editor of The Bangladesh Monitor, Bakshi Mohd Tayab, Sales Manager of Qatar Airways, Shahabuddin Ahmed, Editor of Travel World and Khabir Uddin Ahmed, Chairman and MD of Arunima Resort Golf Club were present on the occasion, among others.

Parvez A Chowdhury, Principal of NHTTI and Jaheda Begum, Head of F&B Production Department were also present at the programme.

The event started with a chef chain formed in front of the institute and balloons were flown to celebrate the international chef day.

The dishes presented on the occasion by the trainees included delicious items from both international and local cuisines. To name a few, there were stuffed bell pepper, smoked chicken and cucumber roll, fried chicken with fries, fish cakes, beef bhuna, momo with spicy salad, hash bhuna, khichuri bhuna, doka, grilled chicken, bread cheese, chicken rolls, cashew nut salad, biryani, chocolate cheese delights, vapa pitha, firni, peas halwa, dessrts and many other delectable items.

"About 300 hundred students participated in this contest after completing 10 month long course where we trained them on all sorts of cuisines," said Jaheda Begum, Head, F&B Production Department, NHTTI.

Food is a very important aspect of hospitality. Hence culinary is a very honourable profession having a global demand.

"For instance, chef is one of the most demanded job positions in Australia. Easy access to visa and citizenship is available for chefs in countries like Australia and Canada," mentioned Kazi Wahidul Alam, Editor of The Bangladesh Monitor.

For Bangladesh, gastronomic tourism can be a great contributor to the hospitality industry. We have a rich variety of food in our country. And items from each region offer a unique taste.

NHTTI plays a great role in training the young chefs to master the culinary arts of both local and international cuisines. Adding to their continuous efforts, NHTTI also organises such events to promote culinary arts in the industry. There should be more of such great initiatives, feels Kazi Wahidul Alam.

"And such institutes should be established outside of Dhaka too. Then we can truly cater to the skilled manpower demand of the industry in both home and abroad," he added.

"Through this event, apart from celebrating the Int'l Chef Day, we are also showcasing how 'healthier food works'. Chefs have a great responsibility to cook hygienic and healthy foods for the wellbeing of customers. Therefore, NHTTI's F&B Department gives utmost priority to these two traits," said Parvez A Chowdhury, Principal of NHTTI.

NHTTI has been very active and responsible in meeting the demand of this skilled profession. After completion of the courses, the trainees of the institute's F&B Department are getting hired in leading positions at renowned hotels and restaurants, both local and abroad.

"Education, skill and job - these are the three steps we provide utmost support in for our trainees. We don't leave any stone unturned. Our rich history tells the tale of creating young chefs and other hospitality professionals generation after generation," added the Principal.

"Thanks to NHTTI, our country is having a great workforce in the hospitality industry. Soon, the day will come when we will no longer need to hire people from abroad," said Bakshi Mohd Tayab, Sales Manager, Qatar Airways.

Top three trainees based on their cooking were awarded certificates, where chefs from renowned hotels such as The Westin, Amari and Le Meridien were the judging panel. Almunis of NHTTI were also present on the occasion.

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