Enjoy Momo Inn's Valentine's Day celebration, pitha festival in February

-A Monitor Report Date: 01 February, 2024

Bogura : Momo Inn Bogura has arranged various festivities during the month of February, 2024. The hotel will organise a special Valentine's Day programme, featuring a live performance by the country's renowned singer Hridoy Khan. Guests can also indulge in an exquisite Valentine's dinner. The venue will be adorned with decorations to enhance the romantic atmosphere for couples.

The hotel is also organising a Pitha festival throughout the month. Mithai Ghor offers a curated selection of traditional Pitha. From the classic Pati Shapta to the exotic Chitoi Pitha, their menu promises a journey through the rich tapestry of Bangladeshi sweets, said the hotel in a release. Guests can witness the artistry behind the Pitha-making process with live demonstrations by their expert chefs. The hotel's Mithai Ghor is designed to evoke the charm of a traditional Bangladeshi sweet shop, adorned with cultural accents.

The hotel invites guests to join them for a celebration of romance, music and culture.

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