BD airlines gets part relief of some charges for domestic operation

-A Monitor Report Date: 31 January, 2021 | 992 Views

Dhaka: The airlines of Bangladesh—now struggling for survival because of the situation created by the COVID-19 pandemic—have got some good news from the government.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB) has announced the decision of the government to wave aeronautical charges for domestic operations.  No decision yet for troubled international operation.

It may be noted that to escape bankruptcy due to prolonged flight closure, airlines of the country appealed to CAAB seeking waiver of aeronautical and non-aeronautical charges. The CAAB in turn proposed a reduction of charges to The Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism (MOCAT) and the Ministry of Finance.

Chairman of CAAB, Air Vice Marshall M. Mofidur Rahman said that following necessary approval by the two mentioned ministries, the CAAB has decided to wave some charges.

He said considering the financial losses the airlines have incurred due to COVID-19 pandemic, aeronautical changes for the period between March and September have been waved totally. CAAB recommended to wave till December, but a ministry of finance agreed to wave the charges up to September.

In addition, airlines will get a 25 percent waver of non-aeronautical changes for four months only. This is for using shops or space inside an airport terminal. Rents for offices will ger particle waver for three months.

It may be mentioned that airlines wanted total waver of landing, parking and air-navigation charges up to December 2020. The airlines also wanted a waiver of airport office rent for up to 2021. To withstand the impact of losses, the airlines wanted a waiver of charges for one year from March 2020.

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